Welcome to our Optometry Services & Optical Shop

img_opt_1Here at Phillips Eye Center we pride ourselves on providing top quality eye care, in a friendly environment, utilizing the latest technology and years of experience to help you see your best.

Our Optometric Services include comprehensive eye exams for all ages, refractions and contact lens fittings.

Dr. Getz is a provider for VSP, MES, Medicare and PPO’s. Our Optical Department accepts VSP and MES as well as other forms of payment.


img_opt_2Our Optical Shop has a fine selection of eyewear to meet a large variety of tastes from the classic looks to the latest in fashion. We’re proud to be a local provider for several exclusive designer lines.





img_opt_1120/20 Is Not Enough

There is so much more to vision than what “acuity” at 20 feet can measure. Vision comprises not only the health of the eyes but also clarity of vision, accommodation, eye movement, coordination and integration. Click on this link for a description of what an Optometric exam in our office has to offer.


img_opt_13Contact Lenses

The options in modern contact lenses are extensive. We have soft, toric, multifocal, rigid and colored contact lenses. The latest in technology combined with our years of experience allows us to provide you with the best choices for your correction and even perhaps a fun eye color change for a special occasion.


img_opt_14ABC’s of Children’s Vision

When should children have their first eye exam. What signs and symptoms indicate a possible problem? Check out the additional information in this linked page and “20/20 is not enough”. Coming from a pediatric background, Dr. Getz has a decidedly developmental point of view on insuring that during these formative years the visual system has the best advantages to develop properly.


img_low_vision_optometryLow Vision

The type of vision loss, the personality of the individual, the stage of acceptance of vision loss, and the unique goals to be accomplished all factor into which Low Vision Aids may be of assistance in providing independence and quality of remaining vision. It is our passion to protect eye health. All sight is precious and it is our goal to obtain optional function for each individgual regardless of visual level.


pcComputer Stress

We evolved to see distance not to stare at a computer screen for hours at a time. Ergonomics and the proper spectacle prescription can help you see better and decrease visual stress. Check out this link for further suggestions.

My Favorite Eye Complaints (which we resolved) and Excuses about lost or damaged glasses:

  • My arms aren’t long enough…
  • The cell phone screen is blurry…
  • The restaurant lighting is too dim…
  • I get headaches at the computer…
  • Fall asleep reading…
  • Can’t see road signs…
  • My spouse won’t let me drive: he/she get’s too nervous…
  •  I’m getting extra wrinkles from squinting…
  •  Not getting my work done like I used to…
  • Can’t concentrate on reading…
  •  The dog ate my glasses.
  • Momma bear got my glasses, but thankfully not me.
  •  I put my glasses on the steamroller and after lunch flattened them into the new concrete.
  •  They got left on the airplane.
  • My sunglasses are at the bottom of the lake: and the fish got away.
  •  They got sat on.
  •  I thought I could grind out the scratches myself.