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We are focused on providing our patients with the safest, most advanced eye care possible.


Cataract surgery is an elective procedure. Please take the time to review our site and learn more about state-of-the-art surgery options:


  • F193728-thumbORA, intraoperative aberrometry for greater lens calculation accuracy



  • PanoptixFDAfactsMultifocal lenses for greater independence from reading glasses


  • F193730-thumbAstigmatism reducing lenses to improve distance vision without glasses


  • Management of complicated cases such as previous LASIK, radial keratotomy, corneal diseases, trauma, glaucoma treatment, and dense cataracts with greatly impaired vision.


— Glaucoma detection and treatment

— Macular degeneration detection and treatment

— Diabetic eye care

— Glasses, contact lenses and more are all available at our eye center.

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