Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have come a long way. We now have a huge variety to choose from, allowing us to fit more types of prescriptions and with greater comfort. These days, contact lenses are a convenient way to achieve good vision for all kinds of vision problems including Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and even Presbyopia. (italicized items linked).

img_contct_lenses_02Fitting contact lenses is both a science and an art. Each patient has specific measurements and individual needs. It is our goal, first and foremost, to provide you excellent vision and safety. You will benefit from our years of experience fitting all types of contact lenses: including the more challenging toric-astigmatism correcting lenses, rigid gas permeable designs and multifocal contact lenses.

  • For spherical corrections, simple myopia and hyperopia, the new generation of silicon hydrogels provide the highest oxygen permeability ever. The end result is better eye health, whiter eyes and clearer vision. New surface treatments have dramatically enhanced the wetability and comfort of these lenses too.
  • img_contact_lenses_03Toric Contact Lenses: For astigmatism, technology keeps improving, we now have many more choices and expanded parameters allowing us to fit higher prescriptions and with better clarity and comfort. Even if you were told you were not a candidate in the past, it’s possible we may be able to fit your unusual prescription.
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses: For those of us over 40 years old who need multifocals or reading glasses, there are multiple options including monovision, (one eye corrected for distance and the other eye for near) and a variety of designs in multifocal contact lenses. Each individual is different in what their needs are and in how their visual system responds to the various options. We work with you to determine what works the best for you.

Recent advances in the materials used to make contact lenses provide a larger array of corrective choices, enhanced ocular health, ease of use and flexibility in how patients wear them. Some patients are interested in contacts just for weekend sports or special occasions. Others may want extended wear contacts they can leave in for a week at a time. Still others may want an alternative to wearing glasses suitable for use when they choose: every day or just every now and again. We can even change your eye color subtly, or for those who like to make a visible statement, dramatically.

New formulations in the care systems used to clean contact lenses have revolutionized the ease and improved the safety. Even people who tried contacts years ago without success are finding that the new generation of lenses and care systems make contact lenses much more comfortable.

In our office, we don’t let new contact lens wearers leave the office until we are sure they can safely insert, remove and care for their new lenses.  We are adamant about compliance and appropriate follow up care to insure the continued good health and vision of your precious sight.