Tips for Computer Users

Computer Ergonomics

  • Sit in good posture, head level, with both feet flat on the floor (or supported with a footrest) and with good back support.
  • The monitor should be in front, not to the side. Avoid awkward neck or body twisting.
  • The monitor should be at a height just slightly below eye level.
  • Minimize reflections on the screen by adjusting the position of the monitor, moving light fixtures, adjusting window shades and if necessary using a hood or visor on the monitor to block overhead glare. If glare persists despite the previous adjustments a “polarized” glare monitor filter may be beneficial. (Mesh screens are not recommended as they reduce overall contrast by “softening” the focus; a good photographic technique for hiding wrinkles on aging actresses but not the best choice for computer use.

Light shining directly into your eyes should be avoided.

What Are Computer Glasses?

tips_for_computer_04tips_for_computer_03Computer glasses are designed with straight ahead vision maximized for comfortable viewing of the computer screens position, width and distance. “Regular” multifocals, require head tilting to see the screen only somewhat clearly and progressives have too narrow of a intermediate corridor. The human eye is optimally designed for distance vision and intermittent near focus. Computer screens are a modern visual demand that frequently causes undo stress and symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain and neck ache. “Occupational” computer glasses reduce the stress of sustained computer viewing. If you are using computers for more than a few minutes at a time, prescription computer glasses may help you do so more comfortably.

Additional Hints and Tips

tips_for_computer_05Take mini “eye-breaks” while sitting at your desk: At lease once every 5 minutes focus on something pleasant in the distance for a few moments. Look out a window, look at a picture on the far wall, or close your eyes and visualize your favorite outdoor horizon.

Get away from the computer for a few minutes every half hour. Stand up, stretch a bit, look far away.

If you work in an environment where glare is an issue be sure and get an anti -reflective coating on glasses used for the computer.

Fluorescent blue light scatter can be minimized with a light amber or a rose tint.

You needn’t suffer needlessly.

tips_for_computerr_02If you are having problems with prolonged computer use, the fist step to greater comfort is a complete eye exam.