Biography Nina Getz, O.D

Dr. Nina Getz has been providing optometric care and raising a family in the San Gabriel Valley since graduating from the Southern California College of Optometry in 1990.

In addition to a variety of volunteer activities she has been a past President of the San Gabriel Valley Optometric Association, is a current SGVOS board member and a current board member of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce.

It is from personal experience with having had strabismus as a child that she draws her compassion and empathy to help others with vision problems.

She began her professional Optometric career with Dr. Robert Severtson in a practice specializing in Rigid Contact Lenses, Pediatric Eye Care and Vision Therapy.

Several years later she joined her father, Dr. Donald Getz, along with Dr. Gary Etting and Dr. Bill Takeshita, commuting to their Van Nuys office and providing comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings and vision therapy. As an adjunct faculty member she oversaw Optometric students from the Southern California College of Optometry during their rotations as interns in this Vision Therapy oriented practice.

After the birth of her second child Dr. Getz joined Lenscrafters’-Eyexam of California, managing the Arcadia location until mid 2005.

Dr. Getz is passionate about helping patients see their very best and dedicated to enhancing the profession of Optometry.

She joined Phillips Eye Center with Ophthalmologist Andrew Phillips, M.D. in 2005. Dr. Phillips is renowned for his expertise in Cataract removal, Glaucoma management and refractive surgery. Dr. Getz provides eye exams for glasses, contact lens fittings, theatrical contact lenses and general ocular disease management. In this mixed medical/optical/optometric practice Dr. Phillips and Dr. Getz are able to meet the majority of eye care needs utilizing the latest advancements in technology in an environment focused on hospitality and patient care.